Q & A

For which type of goals is the Goal Getting Grid Workbook suitable?
Your goal can be related to different areas in your life:

  • Health. For example, weight loose, healthier lifestyle.
  • Friends and Family. For example, improve relations, organize events.
  • Work and Career. For example, find your dream job, improve work relations, grow competences.
  • Personal growth. For example, find your passion, develop your talents.
  • Income. For example, create multiple income streams, start a project. Love relations. For example, improve the relationship, find a partner.
  • Happiness and Creativity. For example, find purpose in life, create a better balance in your life, bring your ideas to life (designing, writing, networking, etc.)
  • And more.

How long can I work on achieving my goal with this workbook?

This workbook is designed to achieve goals within 3 months. So if you need more time the best thing to do is cut the main goal in sub goals which can be achieved within 3 months. This is important to keep you motivated.

What can I do when I feel stuck, loose motivation during the goal getting process?

  • We all recognize these moments. Luckily there is a good back up to get you going with renewed motivation. First of all: have a look at your own notes in Section 1. Here you will find what and why you want to achieve it. Image the moment of reaching your good and feel the celebrating moment of triumph.
  • Also have a look at your daily routine. Can you make changes to support you better, for example start the day earlier to create time, find a running buddy (if this helping your goal), ask for help from family members, friend or colleagues.
  • Join our special Facebook group. Here you will see how others are doing, share tips and get support.
  • Find a coach specialized in the area of your goal. For example, a business coach for starting your own business.
  • Send me an email with your question and we will be in contact.

Why is the workbook and website in English? Are other languages available?

  • It has been designed for multiple markets. Most of us have a good basic understanding of the English language. The workbook is written in an easy to understand way.
  • A Dutch and Spanish version will published January 2018. Other languages can be made on special request. Please send me an email.