Get ready to achieve your goals

Start  successfully achieving your personal goals within 90 days with the self coaching model: Goal Getting Grid.

Beat your fear and become a Go-Getter of your success.  We use ‘lack of time’ as an excuse for staying in our daily habits and routines. But deep down we know it is not the real reason. What is really keeping you from going for your goal? It is FEAR.
Fear of the unknown new situation, fear of letting go of old habits, thoughts and beliefs.
Fear of failure, in your own eyes and those of others.

So get into the Sweet Smell of Success.
Did you ever experience the feeling of achieving a goal? A sweet triumph, an elevating feeling, a growing confidence?Just keep this in mind as motivation for setting your next goal.
Using the Goal – Getting – Grid Workbook is your best opportunity to work on your goal on a day to day basis.

As a result you will become a GO-GETTER: someone who is very energetic, determined to be successful, and able to deal with new or difficult situations easily (source Cambridge dictionary).

What is a goal getting grid?

It is a wonderfully easy and complete workbook to help you achieve your goal by working on it on a daily basis. This can be done over a period of 1 week or up to 3 months.

The setup of the GGG Workbook is easy to follow.

Section 1:  prime yourself for change and achieving your goal in 4 steps:

Step 1: Goal settingWhat do I want?
Step 2: Bringing the end result in the NowWhy do I want this?
Step 3: Set up of conditions and resourcesHow will I achieve my goal?
Step 4: Reward and celebrateMotivation to keep going.

After this clear goal setting you can start right away with Section 2: the daily Morning Check In and Evening Check Out.

How is this goal getting grid going to help you?

The success formula of the Goal Getting Grid Workbook is based on my best practises regarding key enablers AND barriers which you  find on your path. For successfully achieving your goals you need to:

  • know how achieving your goal looks and feels like. This means starting with the end result vividly in your mind
  • get and keep motivated by tracking your results along the way. The GGG will make you aware of your day to day achievements and where you are in achieving the goal
  • have perseverance by eliminating distractions and feel grateful and happy along the way of the process
  • feel support from others. The GGG Facebook page is designed to share your experiences, encourage others and receive support in your goal getting process.

The daily workbook in Section 2 is designed to set you up every morning to feel, think and act in the most contributing way. At the end of every day you will evaluate your feelings, wins, accomplishments and set the most important actions for the next day.

It is like having a coach on a day to day basis: it will help you to:

  • see where and how you are in your process
  • give yourself credit for the actions taken
  • stay focused
  • collect new ideas

Launch your Goal now: order your workbook

Your goal can be in any area you like: professional, relationship, attitude, behaviour, physical, mental, spiritual. Anything.
As long as you have a goal and motivation to achieve it. The Goal Getting Grid Workbook will help you with the rest.

To introduce you to the workbook here are the starting questions for you to answer:

WHAT do I want to achieve?
My goal is to….

WHY do I want this?
Achieving my goal will….

WHEN do I want to achieve this?
I give myself until…

If achieving this goal is important to you then you are ready to order your own workbook.

Introduction price is € 25 (excluding porto)

For this you will have a full 3 months self-coaching tool to achieve your goal.
To compare: For this amount, you will only get a 10-minutes session with a professional coach….

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